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The Chivertone Sessions is a collaborative project with local South Florida artists, musicians and sound engineers.

People Music Feat. The Smoogies

The Smoogies Band

Vaughn “VKeys” Henry - Keys/Vox

Dion Kerr - Bass/Vox

Harvel Nakundi - Drums

David Chiverton - Drums/Bass/Executive Producer Linton Rorie - Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Teajai Grizzle - Videographer and Editing Recorded Live at “The Bridge Miami” Hosted by Nicole Martinez

Exalt Thee Feat. Kyle Francis

Kyle Francis - Vocals and Vocal Editing

David Chiverton - Executive Video Producer and Drums 

Vaughn "V.Keys" - Song Producer and Arranger Vocals and Drums Recorded at Vanquish Joseph Salamida - Recording and Mix Engineer -Franklin “Alphabeat” Socorro - Mastering Engineer 

Terrence "Teajai" Grizzle - Video Recording and Editing

Wardrobe Stylist - Kara-Lisa Chiverton

Gear Tech - Linton Rorie

Second scene shot at Art Spot 403

All I Ever Wanted Feat. Teedra Moses

Teedra Moses- Featured Artist

David Chiverton - Executive Producer, Co- Arranger & Drums


Deidra Chiverton - Soprano

Danette Inyang - Alto

Troy Davis - Tenor

David Minus - Keys, Co-Arranger, Mixing Engineer Justin Blaize - Bass

Recorded Live at Vanquish Studios (Recording Engineer; Joseph Salamida) and Green Vine Studios (Recording Engineer; Emmanuel Brillant)

Rodlin Pierre - Videographer

Ludas Charles - Videographer

Teajai Grizzle - Vídeo Editor

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